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So pitted dude

2009-03-05 20:26:50 by D3NTATUS


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2009-02-26 19:16:32 by D3NTATUS

My friends and I collect clues. By clues, I mean pieces of discarded paper on the ground that have writing on them; most often they are things along the lines of flashcards, notices, and cryptic messages like "CO to the OA." But every once in a while, a jewel shines through. This is one of them. It is a note I found in honor band, belonging to a kid named Ryley, who is the note-giver's boyfriend. Note that the note is addressed to Ryley, but it talks about him in the third person.

Warning, wall of text. Everything is copied as is, no corrections or anything.

i decided to break it into paragraphs because it's a fucking eyesore when it's a huge block. but the original has no paragraph breaks whatsoever, not even indents for the beginning. the text goes from fucking margin to margin.

Dearest Ryley

4:16 pm tuesday 2/17/9

"There's always going to be another mountain, I'm always gonna wanna make it move."
Well! I have a lot to write about I guess. We didn't do anything on formal, he took me out to dinner and then we went back to dad's empty house before going to the dance. Nothing major. Last monday, the ninth, we had the day off so we hung out at my house while dad was at work. Then Friday we celebrated valentine's day a day early and I went over to his house for dinner. It was so much fun which brings me to this weekend. We spent everyday together; Friday-Monday. So much fun!

Friday was "Valentine's Day". He cooked me dinner and wrote me a poem. We hung out in his room after and "watched" monsters in w/ the lights off. :) then sat we went "bowling". We really hung out in the beach with nat and went to the billiards place across the street. He does the cutest thing when he holds me, like he'll kiss the top of my head or move my bangs out of my eyes before he kisses me. Adorable! So then sunday i get a text saying he has the whole house to himself. So I went over and we were talking and hanging out for a little while which led to the usual making out and you know. And then we went and showered together for over an hour! It felt so good. So after we get out I'm wearing his boxers, sweats, and tshirt when Alex comes over. So funny! She was like, "did you guys have a shower party?" haha maybe.

So we all hung for a little when we got dressed and decided to go out for food. We drove around to so many random places and we made plans for monday (yesterday): I an and Alex aren't allowed to see each other b/c of her psycho mother so we had a huge elaborate plan to hook them up at my house. They would do their whatever while Ry and I would hang in the living room playing mario party or whatevs until she had to leave and then he and I would have our fun. So monday Ry and I went over to Alex's but her mom wouldn't let her drive with me. So the three of us hung out there for like 2 hours trying to come up with ways to convince her mom to let us hang. Plans fell through, but we still had fun playing with her sister and doing oddly difficult puzzles.

So then he and I drove back to my place and cuddled for a little while the heater turned on ¬°View Discretion is advised! Lol. So we're making out. Clothes start coming off. It's really cute because he's really bad at taking off bras. He starts to finger me and we're having fun for a little. Being goofy but it's okay cause I really know he's not judging me. He whispers, "are you ready?" and I nod. So here I come to the moral of this story: I Rachel (name withheld) lost my virginity to Ryley (name withheld) on February 16th 2009. It was kinda scary, really fun though. I am a little nervous though because we used a condom but the first one broke. I didn't really care at first though cause like nothing had happened on his end but I kinda remember this thing about preejaculation fluid or something I don't know. Chances are so slim I shouldn't even be concerned. I'm suppose to start in like 2 weeks so we'll find out then.

So okay, afterwards. I had to go tell Gina and she's too good of a friend not to do it in person. So I'm in her room and we're talking about her trip that she just got back from and I hadn't told her anything yet, but I was about to when her parents walk in and start chatting. She kept saying "okay bye!" to them at least 8 times. So while I'm talking to her mom about something she mouths "Did you and Ryley have sex??" and I nodded. And she kicks her mom out and screams AS SOON AS SHE LEAVES! She was kinda freaking out at first but she was okay with it I think which is good. But I obviously had to leave and I was leaving she screams "wait, was it good?!" and I just looked at her and gave her a really smooth nod and said "I like your kimono" and she's like "Is this what you're wearing? Were you wearing only heels??" Just screaming random things as I'm leaving, so funny! Holy jeez, moments like those make me remember why she's one of my best friends.

So obviously, Ryley and I know, so do Gina, Kalie, Caitlin, and moey. Alex I'm pretty sure knows after the shower party. But I haven't told Maia or Kayla yet and I don't think I will for a while. Holy jeez, 17 and growing up. We may not get married or grow old together but I'm really glad it was with him. I really do love him. Ugh, I've gotta do homework. Just want to fill this in.

(Longest to date by far)

"I may not know it, but these are the moments that I'm going to remember most."

Love, Rachel.

The Challenge

2009-02-13 09:41:57 by D3NTATUS

I have taken part in a Pact between around 10 of my friends and I.

We are going to abstain from masturbating for 13 days, starting today, 2/13.

I'm not sure why we're doing this, but I think it has something to do with my friend Max, who is a chronic masturbator (averaging 5 a day).

I'll post irregular updates on here.

2/13: woke up with morning wood, thought to myself "well, since I'm awake and all, i might as wel- god dammit."

2/15: Had a dream that I broke The Pact. Uh, what the fuck?

also, ejaculation is a waste of valuable resources (to quote Arab on Radar.)

2/17: Weekend results are in; Nick and Cody both broke rank, and Michael forgot about it. Sean, Max, Russell, and I are still going strong. Cody is jumping back on the train.

2/18: yeah, so everyone has broken except for Sean and Henry. Cody and I are still in for the last like, nine days though.

My New Years Resolutions

2009-01-01 13:58:03 by D3NTATUS

1. Start smoking.
2. Gain weight.
3. Develop a drinking problem.
4. Get myself into debt.

The hardest part of anyone's life

2008-12-12 22:44:56 by D3NTATUS

is when you have to murder a loved one because they are the Devil.

Other than that though, it's been a good day.

why is it that people who don't drink or smoke (not necessarily those who associate themselves with the straight edge culture) sometimes get more flack than those that drink/smoke? Or do drugs, for that matter.

I'm not complaining about it or anything, I'm just curious. Our society commends those that stick to their moral guns, so shouldn't people who decide not to do things that are detrimental (in excess, at least)? I'm not posing rhetorical questions here; I'd like it if someone answered my questions. And if you have any anecdotes that refute my assertion, by all means share. I want to know if this is a regional thing or if it's fairly universal.

What i'm talking about is this:

Prima: "Hey, you want (beer, cigarette, joint, etc.)?"
Secunda: "No thanks, I don't (drink, smoke, do pot, etc.)."
P: "Wow you're lame/a fag." Or something along those lines.

side note: people always ask me what I eat when I say I'm a vegetarian. The answer is EVERYTHING EXCEPT MEAT. CHRIST. MOST UNNECESSARY QUESTION EVER.

i'm tired of newsposts

2008-10-02 22:42:22 by D3NTATUS

goodbye newsposts, for now.

edit: newsPOSTS, not newGROUNDS

i'm not leaving

not that i'm really here all the time anyways.